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Bill Zanker



Bill Zanker founded the Learning Annex in 1980 with $5000 of his Bar Mitzvah money. Bill Zanker sold his interests in the Company in 1991. Several years later, Bill Zanker repurchased the New York Learning Annex and helped acquire the Canadian Learning Annex. In December 2001, Mr. Bill Zanker bought out all of his partners and became the sole owner of the Learning Annex properties. Mr. Zanker subsequently grew The Learning Annex from $5.5 million to over a $100 million in a two-year period. Learning Annex was twice named Inc. 500 fastest growing companies. In 1998, Bill Zanker started, one of the first internet-based eLearning companies. He sold that company for $9 million in the same month he founded it. In 1993, Bill Zanker launched The Great American BackRub®, an 18 unit chain of stress reduction storefronts in Manhattan and airports. Bill Zanker sold his interests in that company in 1997 to The Barclay Group. Mr. Zanker then founded FundAnything, a crowdfunding site with Scott Tillson and Donald Trump which raised millions of dollars for causes and movies including Adam Carolla and Penn Jillette.

Mr. Zanker has toured hundreds of luminaries such as Donald Trump, Al Gore, James Cramer, George Forman, Sir Richard Bronson, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Joe Montana, Rudy Giuliani, Henry Kissinger, P. Diddy, Alan Greenspan, Tony Robbins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman, Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Desmond Tutu. Bill Zanker created one of the first fire walks with Tony Robbins in 1983 and discovered Deepak Chopra at a Learning Annex class in 1982. Mr. Bill Zanker is one of the most respected businessmen in the adult education world, having discovered and promoted thousands of self-help gurus. Bill is a frequent speaker at conferences and is an active angel investor in consumer startups with several exits.

Bill Zanker is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life with Donald Trump. Mr. Zanker came up with, packaged, sold and promoted President Trump’s campaign NYT bestseller Crippled America.

 In 2016 Mr. Zanker started producing new large live wealth and motivation events with celebrities


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